Victony WiFi Extender Troubleshooting

It has been seen that many users are experiencing numerous issues while accessing the internet services through Victony extender whether related to Victony login or setup process. There can be numerous reasons behind it including the incorrect extender instructions. If you are also having the same fate and getting issues with your extender, then this Victony WiFi extender troubleshooting guide will surely provide you with enough knowledge on how to fix the extender issues on your own. Here, you will also learn how to reset Victony WiFi extender.

In this we have discussed all the basic and advanced methods through which you can easily get rid of the extender issues in a matter of minutes. So, without wasting any more time, let’s start.

Troubleshooting: Victony WiFi Extender Issues

No matter which extender model you are using, these Victony WiFi extender troubleshooting hacks will work for all the models. So, without further delay, have a look at the below-given troubleshooting hacks and get all your extender issues fixed instantly.

Restart your Extender

In some cases, minor technical hiccups can be the reason behind the outcome of various issues that might be spoiling your internet experience. So, you can simply reboot your WiFi extender in order to get these issues fixed.

To reboot, follow the extender instructions given below:

  • Turn off your WiFi extender.
  • Set it aside for a while.
  • Thereafter, switch on your extender after plugging it again into the power outlet.

Now, see whether the issue you were experiencing has been resolved or not. If not, then implement the next Victony WiFi extender troubleshooting hack.


Keep WiFi Interference at Bay

Another Victony WiFi extender troubleshooting hack is to keep your device away from the objects causing interference with its WiFi signals. Objects such as refrigerators, Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, microwaves, and other smart home appliances can disrupt the WiFi signals as they use radio waves for transmissions resulting in Victony extender issues.

Switch WiFi Channel

Switching the WiFi channel to a less congested one can enhance the performance of your WiFi extender. This troubleshooting hack is effective when you are facing a slow internet issue.

Relocate Your WiFi Extender

Sometimes an issue arises when you haven’t placed your WiFi extender at an ideal location. Therefore, be careful while selecting the place for your device. Ensure that it is getting adequate WiFi signals to work efficiently. If that’s not the case, then relocate your extender close to your home router. Consider taking the help of the extender instructions mentioned in the user guide in order to select an appropriate location for the extender.

Check the Ethernet Cable

Inspect the condition of the Ethernet cable you are using. Any damage to the Ethernet cable can degrade the performance of your extender. Therefore, if you detect any wear or tear to the Ethernet cable, then swap it with the new one.

Perform Victony WiFi Extender Firmware Update

Upgrading your Victony WiFi extender firmware will eliminate minor bugs and add more advanced features. Therefore, it’s recommended to keep your extender’s firmware updated to the latest version. However, many netizens find it hard to perform firmware updates via extender instructions mentioned in the user manual. If you are also the one, here we have listed a step-by-step procedure to perform Victony WiFi extender firmware update with ease.

  • First, download the latest version of Victony firmware compatible with your extender model.
  • Once downloaded, access the login page.
  • After reaching there, insert the default username and password and click the Login button.
  • Then, on the setup page, browse the cursor to the Advanced settings and select the Web Upgrade option.
  • A new screen will appear where you are required to click the Browse button to select the downloaded file from your PC.
  • Then, click Apply.
  • Now, simply follow the extender instructions appearing on your screen to complete the firmware update process.

Well done! you have successfully completed the firmware update process using the aforementioned steps. On the off chance you fail to get success with the firmware update process, then walk through the below Victony WiFi extender troubleshooting hacks to resolve the issue or contact our IT professionals for instant support.

Can’t Perform Victony WiFi Extender Firmware Update

If you are experiencing an issue with firmware updates even after implementing the aforementioned process, then execute the following Victony WiFi extender troubleshooting tips.

  • Close any pinned or unpinned tab while performing the firmware update process.
  • Confirm that you have downloaded the correct version of the firmware as per your model.
  • If you are using a wireless connection, then prefer a wired connection during the Victony WiFi extender firmware update process as it is more reliable and secure.
  • Avoid disconnecting your extender from the power outlet while performing the firmware update.
  • Temporarily disable firewalls on your PC. Sometimes, you aren’t able to perform the firmware update due to firewalls.

These are some possible extender troubleshooting hacks that might help you in performing firmware update with ease. But if you are still getting an issue, then you need to do Victony WiFi extender reset. Maybe, your extender is not properly configured. In that case, performing extender reset will be the best solution. In the below section, we have discussed how to reset extender.

How to Reset Victony WiFi Extender?

Victony WiFi Extender Reset Using Reset button

  • Turn on your extender after plugging it into the power outlet.
  • Then, seek the Reset button on your repeater.

Important Note: The location of the Reset button varies from model to model.

  • Once you have found the Reset button, press it.
  • Then, it will restart automatically and will be restored to the default factory settings.

In this way, you can do Victony WiFi extender reset using the Reset button. However, you have to reconfigure your extender after the extender reset process.


Victony WiFi Extender Reset Using Web browser

This was all about how to reset Victony WiFi extender using a web browser. If you find any issues while performing extender reset, then don’t hesitate to contact our IT professionals.

Need More Support

We hope that the aforementioned Victony WiFi extender troubleshooting hacks will prove to be very beneficial for you. Just in case, if you still get into any kind of trouble, then we suggest you get in touch with our IT professionals for instant solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to look for the default password?

You can find the default login password in the user guide which has come along with the product at the time of purchase.

What to do if my Victony extender blinking red light?

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