Victony WiFi Extender Login

Victony WiFi extender login is needed whenever you want to access the settings of your device and modify them as per your requirements. Although the Victony extender login process is quite simple, some users find it a bit tricky. If you also find the Victony login process quite complex, then have a look at the below sections and learn how to log in to your Victony extender without any issue.

Victony WiFi Extender Login in Repeater Mode

In Repeater mode, you are first required to switch the mode selector button of your Victony extender to the Repeater mode. Then, power on your Victony WiFi extender to execute the Victony login process.

  • Power on your PC and launch an updated version of the internet browser.
  • Then, in the address bar, insert the default web address for accessing the Victony extender login page and press the Enter button.
  • Once you are on the Victony login page, insert the default username and password and click Log in.
  • You will have successfully performed Victony WiFi extender login.
Login in Repeater Mode

Victony WiFi Extender Login in Client Mode

In client mode, adjust the mode selector button on your Victony extender to the Client Mode and turn it on.

In this manner, you can do Victony login in the Client mode. In case you face any issues while logging in to your Victony extender, don’t hesitate to take help from our experts.

Victony WiFi Extender Login in Access Point Mode

Adjust the switch mode button to the Access point mode and turn on your Victony WiFi extender.
  • Switch on your computer.
  • Open an internet browser.
  • In the address bar, input the default web address of your Victony WiFi extender.
  • Press the Enter key.
  • You’ll reach the Victony WiFi extender login page.
  • Then, on the Victony login page, insert the default username and password.
  • Click Login.
  • You will be taken to the Victony WiFi extender dashboard.

This is how you can do Victony login without any hiccups. Now, you can manage and monitor your Victony extender as per your needs.

Login in Client Mode width=

If you still find any issues, then contact our support team for instant solutions as they are available 24/7 in your services.

Can’t Do Victony WiFi Extender Login?

There can be numerous reasons that restrict you from accessing the Victony login page. Here we have listed some:

Troubleshoot: Victony WiFi Extender Login Issues

These are some troubleshooting tips that can easily resolve Victony WiFi extender login issues. For detailed information, get in touch with our IT professionals.

Things to do after Victony WiFi Extender login

Once you have successfully performed the Victony WiFi extender login process, then execute the below-mentioned things for a better experience.

Modify Victony Login Password

Modifying your Victony login password is important as it will secure your network from potential threats. The default password is easy to hack. So, to avoid your Victony extender network from unauthorized access, create a strong Victony login password. In order to create a strong login password, use a combination of numbers, alphabets, and symbols.

Switch WiFi Channel

Select a low-traffic WiFi channel for your Victony extender to get the most out of it. This can be done simply by accessing the Victony login page.

Remove Unwanted Connections

If your Victony WiFi extender is accessed by a wide number of devices, then disconnect it from the ones that are not in use for its optimal performance. The quickest way to remove all the unwanted devices from your network is to modify the password via the Victony login page.

Create a Guest Network

After successfully performing the Victony login process, you can enable the Guest network feature in order to safeguard your WiFi networks from potential threats. Guest Network is a feature, which allows you to share the internet services without sharing the login credentials of your network. Thus, avoiding your network from unauthorized access. However, you need to enable the guest network feature to take the benefits of its services. But, many users aren’t aware of the process. So, to make things simple, we have come up with the necessary information to enable the guest network feature in the next section.

How to Enable Guest Network on Victony Extender?

  • After switching on your extender, turn on your PC.
  • Access an internet browser and type the default IP in the address bar to access the Victony login page.
  • Once you are on the Victony WiFi extender login page, input the default username and password in their respective field and click the Login button.
  • The Victony setup basic admin panel will come into view. Then, browse your cursor to the Advance settings and select Guest Network.
  • Then, a dialog box will appear where select the Enable Guest Network option and click the security option you wish to enable.
  • Next, you need to enter the new password and click the save button to save the settings you’ve made.
  • Finally. You have successfully created the guest network.
  • Now, you can access the Guest network feature by selecting the new guest network SSID and entering the password that you have created.
Enable Guest Network on Victony Extender?

This is all about the things which you should perform after successfully logging in to your Victony WiFi extender page. If you find any hurdle while doing so, then don’t hesitate to take the support of our support team as we have got experienced IT professionals from all over the globe that can resolve your queries instantly.

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