WiFi Repeater Login Address

After installing a WiFi repeater, the user is suggested to change a few network settings. For this, he/she needs to log in to the repeater. is the login URL that provides access to the repeater’s admin panel. In case you are among those users who are finding it difficult to reach the settings page of the repeater using the login address, check out the steps provided here.

How to Access

Accessing the login URL of a WiFi repeater is possible using a mobile phone as well as a computer. However, the instructions given below will help to access the WiFi repeater address using a computer.

  • Firstly, connect your repeater to the router using an RJ45 cable.
  • Both devices should be off while creating the LAN connections.
  • Now, switch on your devices in the sequence – Router > WiFi repeater.
  • Consider switching on your computer.
  • If there is an Ethernet port available on your computer and repeater, hardwire them.
  • In the absence of LAN ports, connect your computer to the repeater’s WiFi network.
  • After that, launch an internet browser and type
  • Press the Enter key.

Soon, you will see the admin panel of the repeater where two fields named User Name and Password will appear. It is a sign that you’ve successfully accessed the login URL of your WiFi repeater. Just in case you can’t reach the WiFi repeater login window, refer to the next section.

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Solutions: Not Working

Type the URL Correctly

1. Type the URL Correctly

The very first thing you are supposed to do is very the URL entrée. Consider not typing myrepeater net or myrepeater-net. The URL must be entered correctly into the address bar to successfully reach the login page of the Wireless-N repeater.

Restart the Repeater and Router

2. Restart the Repeater and Router

If is still not working, then there is a chance that a network error has occurred. To address the issue, it is suggested to power cycle the router and repeater. You can do it by simply unplugging and replugging them.

Check Cable Connections

3. Check Cable Connections

Any fault in the cable connections can also be a responsible factor why the user face problems accessing the WiFi repeater login URL. Therefore, quickly scan the cables connected to your repeater and do the necessary changes.

Upgrade the Internet Browser

4. Upgrade the Internet Browser

An outdated browser is another reason due to which accessing the myrepeater net login URL becomes a difficult task. So, installing the latest version of the browser is recommended. It can be done via the browser’s settings section.

Advanced Troubleshooting Related to

1. Change the IP Settings of Computer

If you are still facing problems accessing the login URL of your WiFi repeater, then consider changing the IP settings on your computer. Here’s what should be done:

2. Reset the Repeater

Resetting the repeater should be the ultimate solution if every technique implemented by you has failed. One can easily reset the WiFi repeater using the instructions highlighted below:

Do You Know?

Resetting the repeater will erase all the customized settings. It means you will lose the customized admin password and network details. Therefore, setting up the repeater is required once the reset process is completed. You can do it either by accessing or IP address. Moreover, it is also suggested to change the repeater’s login password by following the path given below:

Management > Password > Enter Passwords > Apply Changes

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